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Rev. Fr. Lucas. I 

We are privileged to have vast number of students in our institution. All of you have reposed your trust in this institution that you will be formed and transformed in order to become an agent of making a new and just society.

In this mission the teachers play a pivotal role. The teachers are not just instructors but rather they should inspire the students who are entrusted in their hand. Today when the students live in a very close proximity with the teachers they look at the world outside through the prism of their own teachers. The teachers who are engaged themselves to form leaders should lead the students by their lives. The students are expected to be creative and critical in their lives. To initiate innovation in a society creativity and critical thinking is a must. While you are in this institution we are confident of making you persons filled with innovation and creativity. We also believe that you must imbibe the spirit of spirituality and become integrated persons.            Dear parents we know that you want your child to do something good and to become someone great. While you instill in this philosophy let us also not forget that your children and our student should become a good human being integrating faith, hope and compassion in their life.

In the Bible it is said ‘For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?.’

I believe that all of us jointly venture to make our student innovative and integrated persons so that in a globalised world, humanisation does not get lost.

                                                                    Wishing You God’s Blessing.